Our new house

This is the latest addition to the family, our 2.5 ton baby.

He is a Combi T3 Syncro from 1991, because we wanted to drive more simply.

He is a 4 wheel drive off road vehicle, because for us, travelling is far from the beaten track.

It is also a length of about 6 m long by about 2 m wide and 2.8 m high, with all the necessary comfort and a 100% French restoration, in Amentières-sur-Avre straight out of the workshops of Bruno and his company: Only-Combi.

It is an ultra-optimized space, with the essentials but not only, there are our small pleasures too.

His name is "Danaus". His name refers to the migratory butterfly "Danaus plexippus". Originally from North America, where it makes its famous migrations between Canada and Mexico, it frequents the Caribbean and sometimes reaches Australia, New Zealand, Reunion and even Western Europe. Moreover, its orange, white and black color is also a nod to the colors of our new home.